When you buy from a larger company it doesn’t always mean you’re getting more experience or better service. Actually in most cases you get the best service and safe installations from smaller companies who abide by rules and regulations.

This customers tank was previously installed by Monroe county’s other propane provider. NFPA guidelines state a buried propane tank must be at least 10ft from the homes foundation and 10ft from a ignition source like this A/C unit.

This “other” company has been filling and servicing this tank. When this customer decides to switch companies they were advised that this tank install wasn’t up to code and repairs had to be made.

Our crew went in yesterday and dug the tank up and reinstalled it across the yard in a location that meets all guidelines. When the tank was removed we also discovered the “other” company did not install a magnesium anode bag for cathodic protection that is also required for all underground tank installations.

This customer was very happy with the finished result and we were glad to help her out!