We put customer service first.

One thing that is always a familiar sight, especially during these cold winter months rolling through the small towns and back roads, is a propane truck. If you live in or frequent a rural area, you most likely have encountered a propane truck.

With modern technology, all kinds of businesses are making changes that benefit their efficiency. However, at the same time, they’re losing that value of true customer service. We all like convenience but we also like dependability and that is something everyone who has propane gas appreciates and understands. It doesn’t matter if it is keeping a chicken house warm for a farm, your hot water flowing for a shower or grandma’s stove burning for Sunday dinner.

Tommy VanHorne is a well-known veteran to the propane business in Middle Georgia. With 30 years of experience, Tommy can offer a level of customer service like no other. He has worked for the big nationwide companies and the locally owned. One thing he takes pride in its servicing his customers and making sure he has the equipment to help him do it.

The last few years, Tommy has taken notice of the level of service a company was offering and decided he wanted to make a change.

This change was to another very familiar name in Middle Georgia when it comes to propane, Donny McKinney. He is the former owner of McKinney’s Propane. He opened the doors of Donny’s Propane in November of 2012. He had a motive to offer fair prices and dependable service just like McKinney’s did many years ago!

Now, just over 8 years later, that’s exactly what Donny’s Propane does. They have been voted #1 by the residents of the 12 counties they service in Georgia. Tommy joined up with Donny’s this December. Working and living on the east side of the river, Tommy knows the area and he knows the people. If you know Tommy or knew McKinney’s Propane and you appreciate quality service from a locally owned business, give Donny’s Propane a call so you too can be a customer, not a number.